Arctic Might product testing and innovations

Arctic Innovators Program

Are you interested in biohacking, functional medicine, nutrition therapy or an expert in the health and wellbeing industry? Are you interested in being at the forefront of health product innovations?

The Arctic Innovators Program is meant for health professional and enthusiasts alike. We know that great products solve great pains and you need to work together to achieve the innovations we all desperately need. 

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The program is meant for health professionals and enthusiasts alike. 


Receive products to test and innovate with us. Free of charge.

At Arctic Might, we believe in challenging ourselves to make our customers day a painless day. We challenge our work by learning and innovating new ways to solve everyday problems in health, both mental and physical. 

The program is built for accelerating the worlds transition towards an effortless and healthy lifestyle. 

Arctic might bone broth powder for product testing


How it works


Innovate with us

Discuss about frustrations and everyday problems you or your customers have that we could solve together. 


Test our new products

Receive products free of charge, give feedback and reviews about their features and benefits.


Get exclusive product offers

Qualified program members get exclusive offers and information about new products.


Apply for the beta group

The Arctic Innovators program is a program designed for professionals and consumers interested in new health innovations and product testing for review and feedback purposes. For any questions, feedback or corrections related to the program, don't hesitate to contact us at