Why You Should Be Using Bone Broth Powder Instead of Broth

Bone broth is quickly becoming the superhero of the supplement world. If you’ve ever enjoyed the benefits of chicken soup during a bout of flu, you’ll know a little about its powers. It’s a highly nutritious soup made from bones and connective tissues. It’s a natural source of:

  • Calcium: for healthy bones and teeth
  • Magnesium: for anxiety, heart health, and PMS
  • Potassium: for balanced electrolyte function, stress, and high blood pressure
  • Phosphorus: for strong teeth, kidney health, and muscle pain
  • Amino acids: for muscle strength, skin tone, and digestion
  • Iodine: for thyroid health
  • Vitamin A: for eyesight, acne, and bone health
  • Vitamin K: for regulating calcium levels and supporting blood clotting

All in all, bone broth delivers a turbo-charged collection of nutrients that are critical for your sense of wellbeing. There is, however, a better way to benefit. Bone broth powder is dehydrated and concentrated, so it contains far more nutrients than it does in its original form.

The Benefits of Bone Broth Powder Over Broth

Bone broth powder’s nutrient profile is surprisingly unique. It contains:

  • 20 grams of protein to liquid broth’s six grams.
  • Type II collagen, which your joints need to remain healthy. Type II collagen can bring back your youthful appearance and will even support your immune system.
  • More than 12 essential amino acids to detoxify your body and support your digestion.
  • Vitamins and minerals in a more digestible form.

A single scoop of bone broth powder is the perfect on-the-go supplement to carry to the gym or drink in the office. It’s cost-effective, portable, and versatile enough to add to your favorite smoothie. When it comes to flavor, powder is the king of the bunch. Liquid bone broth also weighs more heavily on your budget than powders, all in exchange for a shelf life of three to six months. That means you’ll need to collect ingredients and spend hours slaving over the stove to prepare every new batch.

Predictable Nutrient Profiles

Every time you prepare a new pot of broth, you get a new nutrient profile that's highly dependent on the ingredients in your recipe. In contrast, bone broth powder is manufactured according to strict guidelines so that it delivers predictable levels of the nutrients you need. There’s an art to creating a nutritious broth. You’ll need to reduce your ingredients for long enough to extract plenty of collagen, and that’s no easy task. You’ll also need a source of acidity to improve your amino acid levels.

The Perfect Broth Powder

You can always rely on Arctic Might for the quality of our ingredients and the consistency of our manufacturing process. We source our broth from Nordic reindeer and pack an impressive 380 milligrams of collagen into every teaspoon. Our powder has 50 milligrams of glutamic acid, proline, and hydroxyproline; all key amino acids for supporting your digestive and immune systems.

The quality of our bone broth powder relies on just the right simmering and shortening process. We simmer our broth for a full 24 hours so that it packs a real nutritional punch. Our product is sugar, gluten, and dairy-free, so it fits into almost any diet. Make a positive decision about your health today with Arctic Might.