How to make and use bone broth

Nordic, pure, half wild ingredients

The bone broth quality depends greatly on the ingredients used in the manufacturing process. The bone used as the main ingredient needs to be clean, quality bone from a strong healthy animal. For this, an optimal choice is bones from wild game or untamed reindeers that roam the untouched Nordic wildlands.

Reindeer is a half wild animal that lives in harsh conditions that vary from burning summer heat to record breaking winter frosts. The nordic reindeer survives in the rough, treeless tundra by eating stunted plants, berries and lichen. This flora has to endure harsh conditions to earn their place amongst the growing plants, which makes them very concentrated sources of nourishment and nutrition.

During  wintertime, there is little for the reindeer to eat. This is why they can eat and absord different types of very nutritious ground lichen inedible to ordinary animals. This is why the reindeer has very little competition for food, as no other animals can survive with this type of plant diet. This is how reindeers as a species have also a healthy, strong population.

A more ecological choice

In present day, emphasis in food cultures are usually in the consumption of meats and other soft animal parts. Bones are often discarded as unusable, yet they contain the largest concentrations of nutrients in the entire body. Making use of bone in nutrition decreases the amount of waste from meat production, so it’s not only beneficial for your health, but also ecological.

Easy to use superpowder

Bone broth can be homemade, but you need to find quality bones for ingredients, a few days of constant cooking, and enough space for storage and preparation. You can also store self made bone broth in ice moulds and freeze them for later use, adding them to soup or tonics when necessary. There are also ready made bone broth cubes available in the market today. Bone broth is easy to digest and absorb. You can make best use of it with consistent use.

How to make bone broth?

To make quality broth, you need quality bone. Preferably from game or grass fed animals. The Bone shouls be cut in pieces just so that they fit in the boiling pan or kettle. After fitting the bones into the kettle, add water so that the bones are barely covered in water. Add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, so the nutrients dissolve to the water more effectively.

Let the broth simmer in medium temperature for one to two days. You can add more water in between if the bones are not properly covered. After a day remove the bones from the broth and enjoy the bone marrow as is or scoop it and add to the broth. Add spices and herbs of your choice like bay leafs, ginger, curcumin, black pepper, onion, garlic, celery or carrot. You can also add more apple cider vinegar or salt to the broth to give it more flavor. After adding the spices, let the broth simmer for one hour without lid.

Enjoy as is, store, freeze or refrigerate and use in fondos an tonics of your liking. Notice that because of gelatin the broth begins to congeal in cold temperatures and liguify when reheated. When chilled, a layer of fat will rise to the surface of the broth. Don’t throw it away, as it is filled with vital nutrients and healthy fats. You can use this “butter of gods” in frying or enjoy it as is with the broth.

How to use bone broth?

Bone broth is easy to use because it fits into all kinds of foods and is usable even just alone. Here are some of the most popular and delicious uses for bone broth:

  • Stews
  • Sauces
  • Soups
  • Porridge
  • Risotto
  • Green smoothies
  • As a hot drink by itself
  • Tea

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