How Bone Broth Can Alleviate Problems With Your Digestive System

Amino acids get to work on your digestion the moment you begin chewing. They use pepsin to break protein bonds in the stomach into longer amino acid chains. Then extra enzymes in the large intestines and pancreas break those amino acids into peptides. Amino acids are the ultimate result, helping the body to absorb protein’s vital nutrients in the small intestine. Bone broth nutrients are critical to a healthy digestive system, but peptides don’t tell the full story of its benefits. Let’s look at how this magical nutrient source can improve your health.

Carotenoids as Bone Broth Digestive System Staples

You probably think of vitamin A as the eyesight nutrient, but it also has an important role to play in your digestion — so much so that vitamin A deficiencies are common among Crohn’s disease patients.  

Glucosamine and Intestinal Absorption

Glucosamine is an important bone broth digestive system nutrient that the gut microbiota relies on to keep your system operating as it should. This amino acid acts as an intrinsic intestinal mucin that creates a barrier between gut flora and the walls of your intestine. This celebrated gut-lining nutrient can improve the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome and leaky gut - two conditions that can be extremely debilitating. Glucosamine can be supplemented in three forms, but bone broth is one of the easiest for your body to absorb. The amino acid is best taken together with the chondroitin that occurs naturally in bone broth.

The Role of Proline

Proline is another amino acid that’s found in large quantities in bone broth. Studies have shown that patients with inflammatory bowel diseases like IBS are more likely to have low serum collagen levels. Proline improves those levels by synthesizing more of this important compound.

Glutamic Acid: The Filtration Nutrient

Glutamic acid is soothing for the intestines, so it can bring improvements to those who suffer from spasms. It’s a key amino acid for IBS and Chrohn’s disease sufferers. Glutamate also appears to regulate the upper gastrointestinal tract, detecting dietary protein and stimulating the nerves in the abdomen. Studies show that it modulates endocrine excretion, too, so holistic gut care must include glutamic acid intake.

Collagen II and Bone Broth Digestive System Health

Collagen II is another powerful amino acid found in bone broth, and it’s effective enough to reduce gut inflammation. Its effects are felt in the stomach as well. It can help to heal ulcers and prevent further damage by regulating the secretion of acid. Collagen is believed to strengthen the digestive tract in the same way it tightens the muscles and skin. It helps the cells to grow and prevents toxins from entering the bloodstream. That makes it an ideal addition to the diets of leaky gut patients.

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